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Our Selection of Mercury Propellers

We carry a large selection of Mercury Propellers for any type of motor. PTPropeller.com is your source for Mercury-Mariner models ranging A-Class and B-Class models to the F-Class Bravo series and beyond. Online shoppers come to us for our expertise and value in high quality replacement parts. Search by type of motor or propeller and find the part you need today.

No matter what make and model you need help with, there are no mysteries for our professional team with decades of experience in the business. After several generations in the industry, our staff has built up vast stores of knowledge and can solve problems of any kind in our workshop. Have confidence when you buy from PTPropeller.com: we offer free shipping within the Continental U.S. and give customers a trial period during which pitch adjustment is provided at a nominal fee. If you would like a different pitch and the blades are still in “like-new” condition, we are happy to handle the job for you.

Whether your propeller is a semi-cleaver, a double-cup or a 4-blade model, we have the Mercury props to get your machine up and running at peak form. Mercury-Mariner props are offered at excellent prices every day of the week on PTPropeller.com, where specials can be found under our Featured Products listings or on any specific make and model page. If you have questions about the right prop for your outboard, look at the Resources page for answers. Discussions about whether to buy or repair a prop are presented, along with details about getting blade diameter and pitch right.

Click on the links for A-Class 6-25 HP, B-Class 18-30 HP, C-Class 40-70 HP, D-Class 40-140 HP, E-Class 135-300 HP, E+ Class 350 HP and X/R or F-Class Bravo II-Konrad stainless steel props. The BRA5 Bravo II model is the top of the line in stainless steel Mercury props. It comes in 18.5” diameter with pitch adjustments of 16-24. You will find excellent control when driving heavier vessels, even at lower RPMs. In the water, you will notice better handling and grip, while fuel economy remains at the proper levels. The Power Tech system involves prop casting in a single mold. Only the finest manufacturers work in this fashion, to bypass the weld-on blade technique found in cheaper props.

PTPropeller.com also stocks Mercury Aluminum propellers. Featuring Thru-hub exhaust and a 15-tooth spline, this affordable option is available in pitch from 10-21. The Power Tech models have 3 blades and operate on right rotation. These props are versatile and work with outboards of 9.9-250 HP. Stainless steel propeller options on PTPropeller.com come in the 11-25 pitch range.

Mercury outboard propellers from PTPropeller.com are backed up by our commitment to service. If the prop is not working for you just right, ask about our generous policy regarding exchanges or pitch adjustments. We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase and we back it up with a real commitment. Contact us today with questions you have about any Mercury props we have for sale.

For Shipping Outside of the United States, Please Call (866-790-PROP (7767) or Email Us (info@ptpropeller.com) for a Shipping Quote!

Are you looking for better performance out of your boat propeller or boat propellers, stainless props or outboard motor props? Our staff does far more than sell quality power tech props so get in touch with a PTPropeller.com team member today to find out how to improve performance. Our family-run company is a third generation business and we offer clients unparalleled technical support for marine propellers, an outboard prop or a boat prop. Whether you are experiencing difficulties in propeller loading, find your pitch a little off or propellers for sale, we can make your boat/motor application perform at optimum efficiency.

Search through this site by brand of propellers or boat type and take a look at our newest arrivals. Hub systems and hardware for PowerTech Props can be accessed by clicking any of our links. Special products are being offered at discounts every day on PTPropeller.com Check out the Featured Propellers Page for information on the latest. If you are concerned about the expense of a new prop, we have an exchange policy during the first 30 days after your purchase. During this period, we will provide technical assistance for your propeller adjustments at minimal cost. Contact Us for more details about this unique service.

If you have questions about the best boat props or propellers for sale for your motor, check on our Propeller Resources Page and have a look at the articles breaking down the factors surrounding your decision. We offer advice on how to decide between repairing or replacing a prop, as well as help with selecting the pitch, diameter and number of blades. Each of these decisions can impact the overall performance of your boat in the water, so please take the time to become informed, it’s important. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. There is no match for our technical expertise and decades of experience in the propeller business.

PTPropeller.com offers a combination of superior selection, service and value to our customers. Free Shipping is provided for orders delivered in the Continental United States, so the price you see quoted will never become inflated by shipping charges. Shop with confidence and find the best marine propeller on the market today, visit PTPropeller.com.

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