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Power Tech! OFS4 Stainless Propeller Honda
I used their website to identify what I thought I needed and then called their tech dept to verify. They were very helpful even when I had to return the prop for a different size. They were also among the best price I could find for this prop. I will definitely purchase from them again.

Power Tech! ELE3 Stainless Propeller Mercury
Excellent! I was surprised how quickly the prop arrived at my door!

Power Tech! WBV3 Stainless Propeller Mercury
I purchased a 16x14 prop, tried it on the boat and realized I needed a 16x16 prop. I called them and they put me in touch with Powertech Prop who made the prop in La. They took the prop back and quickly shipped me my new prop. The customer sales mgr. at Power Tech, Jeff, was great too. Prices were the best I could find. Overall, I would highly recommend ptpropeller.com.

Power Tech! SRA4 Stainless Propeller Yamaha
Prop was delivered even faster than it was promised and it works great. It is a Yamaha prop, but the website said it would work on a Honda OB and it does.

Power Tech! BRA4 Bravo 2 Propeller
Just tested my new 18.5 x 23 and love it. Increased speed by 15 mph and dropped my rpm by 1200 - Now 3000 rpm at 30mph - wow - use me for a reference your 4 blade kicks butt on my 8000 lb Celebrity

Power Tech! PTC3 Stainless Propeller Evinrude
Location: Genoa, Ohio
Boat Manufacturer & Length: 2009 HYDRA-SPORTS w/ Evinrude 150 hp
Prop Model Number: PTC3R16P-CLJ200 14.25 X 16P X 3 Blade
Top End Speed: 42 mph

Tech Support Comments: I am quite impressed with the help I received when I asked for help to try and find a fix for my RPM problem. I told them what I was trying to accomplish and they suggested the PTZ-3R-15P-CL200 prop to gain 350 to 500 rpm. This should work!!!!!
Customer Service Comments: I couldn't be more satisfied when talking with Jeff@ Power Tech and Ron @ P T propeller in Washington State. Both were very accommodating. Good to know there people you can work with and capable of helping resolve a problem I was trying to fix.
Delivery of Products Comments: I received a E-mail within a very short time that the order was placed @ THE factory and would be shipped as soon as the prop was prepped for shipping. Can’t ask for more than that!
Website Comments: It looks good and it got my attention!!

David P. Imm

Power Tech! REB3 Stainless Propeller Yamaha
Location: Missouri
Boat Manufacturer & Length: F&F 1650
Motor/HP/Year: YAMAHA 40 HP 1987
Prop Model Number: REB3R13P-YS50
Prop Size: 10.25 x 13 Pitch
Top End Speed: 38-40 MPH w/GPS

Their Technical Support & Customer Service was Excellent. The ptpropeller Website was easy to navigate & propeller arrived quickly. I would purchase from these folks again.

Jarrod Lewis

Powertech! SRA3 Stainless Propeller Yamaha
Location: South Florida
Boat Manufacturer & Length: 18' Custom Skiff
Motor/HP: 25 hp Yamaha 2 stroke
Motor Year: 2007
Prop Model Number: PTSRA3R11P-YM30
Prop Size: 10 x 11
Top End Speed: 28
Technical Support: Excellent
Customer Service: Excellent
Delivery of Products: Excellent
Our Website: Excellent

Mark Berg

Powertech! LFS4 Stainless Propeller Yamaha
Location: FLORIDA
Boat Manufacturer & Length: PURSUIT 345 TWINS
Motor/HP: YAMAHA 350
Motor Year: 2011
Prop Model Number: LFS415P-CLY350
Prop Size: 16" X 15" 4-BLADE
Top End Speed: 45 MPH @ 5950 RPM
Technical Support: Excellent- Very helpful these people were very easy to deal with.
Customer Service: Excellent- Very Helpful - Props performed as expected.
Delivery of Products: Excellent- Faster than expected well packed.
On Our Website: Excellent- Perfect easy to navigate.

Scott Burchett

Powertech! ELE3 Stainless Propeller Mercury
Location: California
Boat Manufacturer & Length: Bayliner Discovery 195
Motor/HP: 3.0L 135hp Mercruiser
Motor Year: 2007
Prop Model Number: Michigan 992006
Prop Size: 14x23 Vortex Aluminum
Top End Speed: 42mph@4800rpm GPS verified
Technical Support: Excellent
Tech Support Comments: Interesting result. I decided to go with an SS prop and selected the ELE3 (14.25x21) dropping my pitch to 21. The result was dramatic. Top speed dropped to 34mph@4800 rpm and WOT soared to over 5200rpm (GPS verified).
Customer Service: Excellent
Customer Service Comments: Had good interaction with Ron about what occurred and although it cost $50 for prop exchange - still shocked at what happened going to the ELE3 SS, I traded for the PTC3 (14.25x23) going back to 23 pitches. I will post results when I have a chance to get out on the water.
Delivery of Products: Excellent
On Our Website: Excellent

Ty from California

Powertech! RXB4 Stainless Propeller Yamaha
Location: Orange, Texas
Boat Manufacturer & Length: Skeeter-18ft ZX 180
Motor/HP: Yamaha F115
Motor Year: 2010
Prop Model Number: RXB4
Prop Size: 13 1/4 x 16
Top End Speed: 48mph (non gps)
Technical Support: Excellent
Tech Support Comments: ODina and Ron were extremely helpful. They endured all my phone calls and even returned my calls when they were too busy to answer the phone. They will be highly recommended to all my friends and coworkers!
Customer Service: Excellent
Delivery of Products: Excellent
On Our Website: Excellent

Steve McGlothin

Powertech! SWC4 Stainless Propeller Honda
Location: Fort Lauderdale
Boat Manufacturer & Length: Twin Vee 17' Bay Cat
Motor/HP: Honda BF60
Motor Year: 2011
Prop Model Number: PTSWC4R11P-YS50
Prop Size: 11"
Top End Speed: 28.1 MPH 5900 RPM with 500lbs (Scuba Divers picked low pitcher for heavy load days) would recommend a 12" pitch if expecting moderate loads.
Technical Support: Excellent
On Our Customer Service: Excellent
On Delivery of Products: Excellent
On Our Website: Excellent

Mitch Herman

Location: Lake Michigan
Boat Manufacturer & Length: Bayliner 3555
Motor/HP: 5.7 - 325 hp
Motor Year: 1990 - rebuilt/upgraded
Prop Model: BRA4R21S-CLM400
Prop Size: 18.5 x 21 x 4blade
Top End Speed: 43 mph
Tech Support Comments: Very helpful choosing the right prop after engine and drive upgrades.
Customer Service: Very helpful, patient and cooperative with exchange etc.
Delivery of Products: Quick and great packing
On Our Website: Excellent

Bryan Gapson

Ron, I received the prop and center spacer just fine. Very fast and the products are great. Thanks again, you'll probably hear from my friends or myself again.

Doug Stanley

Ron, The prop arrived today in good condition, if my boat  goes as good as the prop  looks it will be awesome Winter time here at the moment   -8   degree  mornings not much encouragement to get my feet wet , hopefully in about a month  or so the weather will brighten up and I can try it out. Anyway thanks for all your help it was great dealing with you, great service all round.

Mark Hewlett, Canberra Australia

Location: KS.
Boat Manufacturer & Length: Sea Ark 24
Motor/HP: 150 Mercury
Motor Year: 2012
Prop Model Number: PTC3R17P-CLM200
Prop Size: 14.25 X 17
Technical Support: Excellent
Customer Service: Excellent
Delivery of Products: Excellent
Our Website: Excellent

Randall Brown

Location: Australia
Boat Manufacturer & Length: Century 24' Walk around
Motor/HP: Twin Yamaha F150
Motor Year: 2007
Prop Model Number: SCE415-CLY200 (R&L)
Prop Size: Old Props YAM 18M3B
Technical Support: Excellent just a quick line to tell you I finally got the props on the boat and on the water (winter here)...all I can say so far is they are awesome! The change it has made to the boat is nothing short of incredible. The way they lift the transom and push the boat onto plane is amazing. You can physically feel it lifting the rear of the boat up whilst pushing it forward. The boat is so easy to trim now and stays on the plane without effort. The most astounding thing is how much better it steers and handles now...it is a pleasure to pilot. You were spot on with the trim tabs....all trimming is now via the engines. I haven't had good enough water yet to test top speed but was able to give it a short burst and noted that 6000rpm came up on the tachs so we have gained 600rpm as well. I aren't sure about speed yet but the cruise was showing excellent burn rate brought on by the effortless planning
Customer Service: Excellent thank you also for your prompt service and advice...it is great to have a company that wants to sell their product...so many that I deal with over there through the racing game think they are doing you a favor by replying to emails...rather than providing the service and selling
Delivery of Products: Excellent
Our Website: Excellent

John Lloyd, Australia

Initial trial I like it.  We replaced Yamaha 21-M 3-blade on our 2012 Ranger Ghost 184. Hole shot is faster. This propeller is very quick to plane, especially with the tabs down. By far much less slippage out of the hole and accelerating. (Can feel the slip/cavitation with the 21-M) Top end RPM now 5700.  (Up from 5100) Top end speed is right at 47mph (about the same as before) Trims up much farther before porpoising. (Atlas jack plate on 3-1/2”, needs to work with this) 3500 rpm gives 31 - 32 mph.   Close to previous, maybe just a little better. Fuel efficiency has dropped a little I think, but am not sure; will check further with the fuel flow meter. Will send more information; this is just from a 15 minute initial trial; 3/4 fuel, 3 people (450lbs).

Captain Bruce

Location: Escanaba MI 49829
Boat Manufacturer & Length: 1996 26' Thompson
Motor/HP: 454 Chevy
Motor Year: 1996
Prop Model Number: BRA3R20S-CLM400
Prop Size: 18.50 X 20 X 3 Blade
Top End Speed: 4800
Technical Support: Excellent
Customer Service: Excellent Ron Kruger was very helpful and honest. He served me very well and I thank him for his help
Delivery Of Products: Fair The prop wasn't shipped as soon as it I was told, I had to contact the sales man a few times to ask when it will come.. Ron was great at finding out why and making sure it shipped. We installed our new SS 20' prop last night and it worked very well. I was happy to see this since it's very costly as you know. Thanks
Our Website: None Selected

Ray Livingston

Ron, I just wanted to tell you I am very happy with the Powertech prop you sold me.  My rpm's increased and the boat handles much better.  Thank you so much, I will recommend you to my friends!

Bryan Bigelow

Hello Ron Kruger, I want to extend a sincere thank you to the people at PT Propeller for their help, considerable knowledge and vast patience. In a world of online retailers where some take advantage of your misfortune to expand their profits, it’s great to find a customer service company that happens to sell what you need!   After reading online about so many people in frustrating searches for a propeller that would work well on their single engine catamarans, I had prepared myself for a painful experience to find one for mine. The 60HP Honda motor and prop that I had was from an inflatable boat that I had upgraded from, and the manufacturer of my new 17 ft. Twin Vee Catamaran wasn’t a Honda shop and couldn’t make a recommendation on a prop for the motor I had. So, after getting massive ventilation with the existing prop at 3500 RPM’s, I looked into the four blades Power Tech which had received strong recommendations from several cat owners online. Well, the prop showed up on a Monday and for the next month small craft advisories on weekends were the norm and I couldn’t do a sea trial. I called and before I could even finish explaining my dilemma I heard “Don’t worry about it.” When the weather broke, I got in my sea trial, and although things were much better, I had overestimated the pitch and another prop was needed, problem was I had a planed vacation to Key Largo in five days and didn’t want to risk having no prop for my boat. They let me place an order for the prop that I needed and rushed to make sure that I would get it in time for my trip. That prop showed up only hours before I left, but I swapped out the props and it turned out to be the perfect prop for my boat. When I got back from my trip, almost two months after buying the first prop from them I sent it back for a refund less the exchange fee. From beginning to end, I couldn’t have asked for more knowledge patience or understanding on their part. I tend to do a lot of research and had an idea of what I needed, but it sure is comforting to have an expert talk you through it and Ron certainly are that. To anyone looking to put a Honda BF60 on a Twin Vee 17ft. I suggest the PTSWC4R with 11” if you will run heavy or 12” if more of a tender.

Mitch Herman, Plantation, Florida

Are you looking for better performance out of your boat propeller or boat propellers, stainless props or outboard motor props? Our staff does far more than sell quality power tech props so get in touch with a PTPropeller.com team member today to find out how to improve performance. Our family-run company is a third generation business and we offer clients unparalleled technical support for marine propellers, an outboard prop or a boat prop. Whether you are experiencing difficulties in propeller loading, find your pitch a little off or propellers for sale, we can make your boat/motor application perform at optimum efficiency.

Search through this site by brand of propellers or boat type and take a look at our newest arrivals. Hub systems and hardware for PowerTech Props can be accessed by clicking any of our links. Special products are being offered at discounts every day on PTPropeller.com Check out the Featured Propellers Page for information on the latest. If you are concerned about the expense of a new prop, we have an exchange policy during the first 30 days after your purchase. During this period, we will provide technical assistance for your propeller adjustments at minimal cost. Contact Us for more details about this unique service.

If you have questions about the best boat props or propellers for sale for your motor, check on our Propeller Resources Page and have a look at the articles breaking down the factors surrounding your decision. We offer advice on how to decide between repairing or replacing a prop, as well as help with selecting the pitch, diameter and number of blades. Each of these decisions can impact the overall performance of your boat in the water, so please take the time to become informed, it’s important. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. There is no match for our technical expertise and decades of experience in the propeller business.

PTPropeller.com offers a combination of superior selection, service and value to our customers. Free Shipping is provided for orders delivered in the Continental United States, so the price you see quoted will never become inflated by shipping charges. Shop with confidence and find the best marine propeller on the market today, visit PTPropeller.com.

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